About Heart of Glass Is Beautiful

About Heart of Glass Is Beautiful

Lio’s journal of miscellaneous topics. As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I approach human emotions with logic and sensitivity, keeping different viewpoints in mind.

About Lio

-Born and bred in Japan
-Belonging to several high IQ societies (one being MENSA)
-Inquisitive and compassionate
-Good listener with extensive experience in counseling

After graduating from university, I have counseled over 2000 people in their late teens to early 20s. Some of them were very sensitive. While counseling them, I realized I am one of the sensitive people too. Though I’m still struggling with HSP, I hope I can find a way to utilize my sensitivity to help people.

The reason why Japanese people are sensitive to others’ minds

If I had to choose one thing I’m proud of being Japanese, it would be that we have the ability to read others’ thoughts. This makes it more interesting to know how Japanese people’s minds work.

As you might know, Japanese people don’t explicitly say YES or NO in communication. That’s because reading between the lines is important in our culture.

“It’s cold.” could actually mean “Can I close the window?”
“Thank you for calling.” could actually mean “I should go now.”
“Will you have time after this?” could actually mean “I really need to go.”

Japanese is known as a high-context culture. What the speaker says can be opposite to what they actually mean. Therefore, we are always aware that there’s more to the actual words.

We develop the ability in such a high-context culture. After I’ve visited other counties, I realized this ability is unique to Japanese people. So I thought I would explore the world of sensitivity more in depth and share my thoughts with you here on my blog.